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BnBChefs, Personal Chef Development

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April 30, 2023 · changed the group description.
Welcome to the BnBchefs Group! This goup is especially important tool in the completion of the prescribed mandatory "BnBChefs Staffing Program"

BnBChefs is a Location Based Chef Service, that provides premium restaurant quality meals and experiences for "clients". In order to achieve this goal we have developed a standard set of ongoing training for "Personal Chefs" (Chefs that will have multiple clients, usually with one experience to making a great impression, unlike "Private Chefs" who will tyically prepare meals for one client).

This group is specifically designed to assist in the development of our participants interested in a career as a "Personal Chef".

Each Step is designed as a fundamental tool to understanding what the standard of a BnBchef consists of as Chefs and as a "Business Model". Most of what you will go through should be knowledge that you already posess as a Chef, but with the perspective of a "Personal Chef".

Quizes and Excercises will be a part of the course. Upon completion of each step, successful participants will be awarded with A Certificate, A BnbChefs Listed Profile putting you directly in front of potential clients near you!

The total time to complete the course will be 7 days from the time you start. Once you have recieved your course invitation via email decide when you will start.

Feel free to reach out if there are any questions or correspondances about the course. Please direct them to this group as this will be our home base.

BnBChefs would like to thank for your interest, and look forward to a future together!

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Dear Participants! Welcome to the BnBChefs Group! This gro...
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