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Name Image & Likeness Consent

Terms Of Agreement


"Licensor" - The one giving their name, image & likeness.

"Licensee" - Receiving the rights


(Licensor) agrees to grant a non-exclusive license to:


(Licensee) Denaldo Bain Of (IP-RightsAdministration) to market the product of Personal Chef Services Via the website 

1.  Licensor Must Successfully Complete BnBChefs-Personal Chef Program.

2.  Licensor shall provide Licensee Profile Photos & Images. Menus & Pricing Schedule For Menus Provided. 

3.  Licensee Will Provide Licensor with a personalized link to booking Licensors Services.  

4.  Agreement Will Commence After Authorization Is Approved & KYC Form Filled Out.

Schedules & Bookings are made possible through Licensors Shared Booking Calendar with Licensee.


*Additionally No Bookings Will Be Confirmed Without Licensor's Consent To Proceed.

Lenth Of Agreement

Thanks for submitting!

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